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Oral Hygiene and Gum Health

Treatment for Gum Health ---Periodontal/ Hygiene Treatment

Gum Disease is extremely common and is a leading cause of tooth loss; signs include bleeding, swollen gums and bad breath.  Without appropriate treatment Gum Disease tends to worsen over time has even been linked to more serious conditions such as Heart Disease.

When a patient presents for a dental examination the dentist will also inspect their gums for signs of Gum Disease. If any issues are detected you will be advised and appropriate treatment options can be discussed with you, this treatment will usually be delivered by a hygienist.  

We have leaflets in the practice to give our patients information about Gum Disease and how we treat it. 

Patients with healthy gums will occasionally be advised to see the hygienist for a simple clean (scaling) or to have staining removed (polishing). 

At Esk Dental Care we offer Private Hygiene appointments

NHS Hygiene Appointments

Please be advised we no longer offer routine Hygienist appointments on an NHS basis.

A very limited number of of NHS Hygiene sessions may be available but patients will only be offered these appointemnts on a discretional basis after discussion with their dentist.

Private Hygiene Appointments

Patients with more severe gum issues, or more complex dental restorations, can see our hygienists on a private basis. This service allows us to offer you a tailored appointment enabling us to deliver enhanced care and focus on problem areas.

If we feel you would benefit from Private Hygienist visits you will be advised by your dentist.

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