Private Dental Treatments

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Some popular treatment options are not available on the NHS, particularly Cosmetic Treatments. 

Also for items that are made in Dental Labs, like Crowns and Bridges, the NHS fee does not afford the use of the highest quality materials and techniques. Many patients now opt to have these items made privately to get the highest quality products with optimal appearance and strength.
We try to keep our Private Fees highly competitive and we use reputable Dental Labs that have a proven track record in delivering excellent quality veneers, crowns, bridges and dentures for our private patients.

Esk Dental Practice - Private Fee Guide:



New patient assesment including x-rays £69
X ray (per film) £12
Study models (per set) £33
Tooth Whitening £215
Whitening gel top up syringes (4 pack) £65
Dental Implant treatment--please discuss with your dentist  
White filling (small) £110
White filling (medium) £132
White filling (large) £154
Metal (amalgam) filling (small) £82.50
Metal filling (medium) £104.50
Metal filling (large) £132
Root canal (single rooted tooth) £198
Root canal (multi rooted tooth) £308
Hygienist treatment 30 mins £54
Hygienist treatment 45 mins  £77
Hygienist treatment 60 mins £110
Crown recement £38.50
Bridge recement (conventional design) £49.50
Bridge recement (adhesive design) £60.50
Veneer (various designs and material choices--dentist will advise) from £451
Crown(various designs and material choices available--dentist will advise) from £231
Inlay (various designs and material choices available--dentist will advise) from £385
Cast post to retain crown £82.50
Bridges---please discuss with your dentist  
Routine extraction £60.50
Surgical extraction, front tooth £176
Surgical extraction, back tooth £231
Surgical extraction, wisdom tooth £286
Partial Denture, 1-3 teeth from £231
Partial denture, 4+ teeth from £275
Full upper OR full lower denture from £319
Full upper AND full lower denture from £544.50
Partial chrome denture from £605
Denture repair, same day £82.50
Addition of tooth OR clasp to denture £55
Denture reline £93.50
Splints to ease jaw pain (dentist will advise from options available) from £71.50
Sports mouthguards from £66



Your dentist will use this guide to price any private treatment that you are interested in and once a treatment plan has been agreed you will be given a printed estimate of the total cost of the proposed treatment.

If you have any questions about our private fees our practice staff will be happy to help you.

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