01st July 2020 by Gary

Resumption of (limited) services

It really was great to be back treating patients at Esk Dental Care and things ran very smoothly-all our training has clearly paid off!! J

At the moment things are very different to your usual “Esk Experience” as we have to follow strict guidance from the Scottish Government, it is worth reminding you all that;

  • We can only treat a set number of patients a day and as such ALL calls have to be strictly triaged.  This ensures we are only treating those patients that require URGENT DENTAL CARE, such as those with severe pain or facial swellings.
  • We are still NOT ALLOWED to carry out any procedure that requires the use of a drill or the spraying of cold air in the practice.
  • The door will be LOCKED and you will only be able to enter the practice if you have a pre-arranged appointment.
  • ALL CLINICAL STAFF are wearing extra, very warm, PPE.
  • We CANNOT arrange appointments for routine care such as dental check-ups or hygienist visits.
  • You MAY NOT be seen by your usual dental team
  • YOU MAY be seen at our sister practice Links Lodge Dental Care in Montrose
  • OR referred to an Urgent Care Centre if none of our allocated appointments remain OR you require treatment that has to be carried out utilising a drill.

As we move through phases of a less restricted Lockdown dentists may be permitted to carry out more treatments in our own practices.  It must be stressed this will not be a return to normality, despite what is said in the media.  Sadly, current restrictions make it virtually impossible for us to do most routine dentistry to an acceptable standard.

As your dental practice we really would absolutely LOVE to be welcoming you all back to Esk Dental Care but we simply are not permitted to do so at this time.  We will keep you updated with developments, as best we can when and we hear of them, on Facebook and our Website.