22nd May 2020 by Gary

Latest Update

As you can imagine this has been a truly unprecedented time for us all but we are currently still available during our normal opening hours for emergency triaging, when the phone system allows.  If you cannot get through to us please call our sister practice in Montrose, Links Lodge Dental Practice, on 01674 672236.

The following would be classified as a dental emergency:

  • A swelling in and around the mouth making it difficult to swallow, breathe or see.
  • Uncontrollable bleeding, usually from an extraction socket.
  • Trauma that has
    • fractured a large portion of your tooth
    • caused your tooth to shift significantly
    • knocked your tooth out
  • Pain that is uncontrollable with painkillers and keeping you awake.

At present we can give you advice, prescribe antibiotics or refer you to an Urgent Care Centre (UCC).   Our local UCC is Springfield in Arbroath, however the treatment available is very limited and UCC’s are mainly “patching” teeth up with a temporary material or extracting teeth.  There is virtually no use of a dental drill due to the aerosols they create.

This week we had communication from the Chief Dental Officer of Scotland setting out a proposed plan to allow us to start to see our own patients in our own dental practices, albeit in a very limited capacity.  This would still be on a triaged, emergency basis, in very small numbers and is unlikely to be implemented for some time; there are many external factors that will determine when this can begin.

Although this is a start, I must stress that it does not look like we will be able return to our normal operations in the near future and even as we do start to see more patients this will be for procedures that DO NOT require the use of a drill.

Our team are working extremely hard to get Esk Dental Care ready for when we are allowed to see you face to face and we thank you for your continued patience at this time.  What we do know is that when that little blue door is allowed to open again there will be a lot of changes in the way we interact with you, at least initially.  Expect social distancing measures such as floor markers to be in place, having to have an appointment to enter the building and for our team to wearing extra PPE.

I would really like to thank the girls for their continued hard work in getting us in a position to open quickly  when we are given the green light and once again you, our patients for your continued forbearance.

Stay Safe,

Gary and Team Esk