22nd March 2021 by Gary

Availability of Treatment

The practice is open and we are providing a wide range of treatments.

However, we are not currently able to see as many patients as we did before the pandemic. There are two main reasons for this:

- Measures to ensure the safety of patients and staff, like social distancing and fallow time between appointments, significantly reduce the number of appointments available
- We are receiving limited supplies of PPE from the NHS

Because we have limited appointments, we must prioritise patients who require treatment. This means we have very limited capacity to offer routine check-ups, at this time.

We know that many patients are keen for a check-up, and we will gradually arrange these, as appointment availability allows. Please wait for us to contact you, unless you are having problems with your teeth or have concerns about your oral health. If you have problems or concerns please contact the reception staff.

The limited appointment capacity described above is not unique to us. Practices across the country are in exactly the same position. The pandemic has caused huge disruption to the delivery of healthcare and these problems will not disappear overnight. It is going to take considerable time for services to return to normal.

We are grateful for your understanding and consideration.

Please do not enter the practice if you have any signs or symptoms of Covid-19, or if you have any reason to self isolate. Please ensure you have a suitable face covering, that you sanitise your hands on entry, and that you respect social distancing within the practice. Please attend the practice alone, unless you need a companion, and please bring as little 'stuff' into the building as possible.