06th August 2020 by Gary

AGPs in Practice

There have been some recent changes announced in relation to the provision of dentistry in general practice. A brief summary of our current restrictions are below;

• We still have a dentist triaging all incoming calls but we are now permitted to see more than ten patients a day. In addition to those patients with urgent dental care needs, such as those with severe pain or facial swellings, we are now also re-cementing crowns (if possible) and placing temporary fillings.

• At this stage we are still NOT ALLOWED to carry out any procedure that requires the use of a drill, but this is due to change on the 17th of August. After this date we will be able to use our drills for urgent issues only, such as starting an Root Canal Treatment. Sadly it still will not be "business as usual" and availability of enhanced PPE may mean you still have to be referred to an Urgent Care Centre.

• The door remains closed and only registered patients with pre-arranged appointments are permitted to enter the practice.

• All clinical staff are wearing extra PPE. We have been fit tested for FFP3 masks and are currently sourcing additional items of PPE to hopefully allow us to expand the treatments we can offer in the near future.

• We are still not offering appointments for routine care such as dental check-ups or hygienist visits.

• We are still working closely with our sister practice, Links Lodge Dental Care, you may be offered an appointment in Montrose.

As restrictions ease we will be able to offer more treatments. Those patients who have dental emergencies, have received urgent care whist in lockdown and who were part way through a course of treatment pre-lockdown will be prioritised...it is likely that routine examinations will be postponed for some time.

Sadly, current restrictions are still not conducive to allow us to carry out most routine dentistry to an acceptable standard.

We will endeavour to keep you updated with developments, as best we can when and we hear of them, on Facebook and our Website.

Thank you for your patience.